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 Vauxhall Astra G Diesel - 02 2.0 Bleed fuel system - diddy1234
Back again

After the recent event of burning the starter motor out (when bleeding the fuel system) I now have a new starter motor fitted.

However the engine will initially start and run for 5 - 10 seconds after priming the fuel system.

After this however the engine will not start.
The fuel system is vacuum fed with no fuel pump as such so bleeding the fuel system is a right pain.

Since I have primed the system and bled the fuel systems several times now with no luck, would I have any luck towing the car and letting the clutch out to force the engine to bleed itself ?

My gut feeling is that I could end up wrecking the injector pump doing this hence I thought id ask first.

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 Vauxhall Astra G Diesel - 02 2.0 Bleed fuel system - -
Sounds like you have a leak somewhere sucking air in.

Is there not a primer plunger on the filter assembly, if not can you usually fill the filter to the brim before fitting the thing.

Once you've filled a filter and the car has started then in every case the car has bled itself the last bit unless there is a leak.

Have you checked the seal at the top of the filter isn't damaged, unless there's an airtight seal you will never bled the system.
 Vauxhall Astra G Diesel - 02 2.0 Bleed fuel system - Number_Cruncher
What makes you think the fuel system is losing prime - unless there's a fairly substantial leak, this won't be happening.

Is the imobiliser light flashing on the dashboard while you're cranking?

 Vauxhall Astra G Diesel - 02 2.0 Bleed fuel system - diddy1234
no immobiliser light flashing when cranking.

Each time I primed the system, I filled each pipe with fresh diesel and also the fuel filter was filled till it slightly over filled.

I also filled the centre section of the fuel filter, reassembled every thing and cranked away.

The engine then fires up for 5 - 10 seconds then dies.

I may end up calling it quits and getting a mechanic to have a look.
 Vauxhall Astra G Diesel - 02 2.0 Bleed fuel system - diddy1234
Just to let everyone know, I got the problem resolved.

It turns out that there are two fuel filters for the 2.0l dti engines.

one from 99 to 00 and one from 00 to 04 reg.

The wrong one was supplied hence drawing in air into the fuel system.

Problem now fixed (after i remembered to put the supplied rubber pads with the new filter).

Thanks for the replies.
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