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 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Sandgrown
Hello. I've been lurking for a while but I am in a bit of a quandary and would appreciate some advice.

The DPF light is showing on my 325d, from about 2-3 miles into each journey. I have tried to get it to regenerate by running it at 2,500 rpm + for an hour or so but to no avail and have taken it to a local independent garage who tried some additive in an attempt to get it to regenerate.

It looks like a new DPF is required, for which I have been quoted £1,600 - £1,700. However, the indy has suggested removing the DPF and reprogramming the ECU, for which he would charge a few hundred. I asked whether this would present any problems at MOT time and he said not - it is an MOT test station.

I am not convinced that removal is pemissable - on the other site HJ says it is illegal but I know that some people have had it done. I am also concerned about insurance implications and whether it would have an effect on the car's value when I eventually sell it.

Bite the bullet for a new DPF or take the cheaper (?) option?

With hindsight it was a mistake to buy a diesel and I won't have another one but I am where I am with it and I'm not in a position to change the car in the next year or two.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Zero
If the garage that wants to take out the DPF will guarantee it will pass the Diesel smoke test, I would go for it. DPFs are a pain in the bubble.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - -
Is this indy of yours a BMW specialist?, if not i'd want someone to hook up with the correct software (or the dreaded main dealer) to see exactly whats going on, can't understand why you have no running problems or limp mode kicking it certain that DPF is blocking up or does the EGR need a good clean out?

Indy could try removing DPF and subjecting it to a serious pressure washing with umpteen bar pressure of hot water, from what i've read this can work wonders.

I'm not in the remove it and be damned camp (yet), 1) who knows what the MOT test might involve sooner rather than later, 2) in the event of a serious accident nothing to stop the insurer having the DPF cut open and finding er nothing, what then? 3) from some threads i have been following not all tuners/de-DPFers are having success with the reprogramming leading to further complications.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Sandgrown
Yes, he is a BMW specialist. The car is running OK at present.

I am wary of the remove it and be damned option for the reasons you mention. The cleaning out option seems worth pursuing.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Shiny
I had my pre catalyst and DPF/catalyst combo hollowed out and ECU remapped It passed the MOT at Sytner Audi Dealer because there is no specific test for it.

You 'may' have a problem if you removed the DPF and replaed it with a pipe and taped up the sensor wires, but if hollowed out and put back then there is no reason for failure, as the tester's manual says to assume one is fitted unless it's obviously been removed.
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 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Sandgrown
I have spoken to the other local BMW specialist indy.

He has tried pressure washing before but without success - quoted an X3 where they tried it 2 or 3 times and each time it played up again within a few days. Hadn't removed any permanently as it is likely to make the car noisier and "it's a shame to spoil a nice car".

He said mine was the third DPF problem he'd seen this week!
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - -
>> He said mine was the third DPF problem he'd seen this week!

Thats not cheering news.

Not as i'd suggest doing such a thing of course...but...

The petrol decat boys, Scooby's and the like, keep an exhaust for fitting only for one week a year...if you follow my drift.

I humbly suggest that should you go to the expense of a new DPF, then it might be prudent to keep the unblocked old one as a useable spare, just in case you understand..:-)

Your thread here is the final decider for me, there is no chance that we shall be buying another modern Diesel equipped with DPF (SWMBO's current C2 seems to be OK but for how long i'm wondering), another headache i don't of luck sorting your car out.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Baz
There are BMW 3.0 DPFs on e bay going for £400 to £500, worth a gamble?
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Sandgrown
Thanks to all who responded.

I think I have got the problem sorted without replacing or removing the DPF. I'll give it a few days to make sure and then bring you up to date.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Sandgrown
GB's comment that it was strange that the car had not gone into limp mode, plus a remark from one of the indies that it was unusual for a DPF to fail at such a low mileage (61k) made me wonder whether it had actually failed.

I booked it in at the main dealer last Monday. They promised not to do any expensive work without discussing it and at 4pm they phoned to say it was fixed. When I collected the car the service receptionist just said that they had identified a fault, corrected it and the DPF had regenerated successfully. He clearly had trouble understanding the technician's notes and as it was almost closing time he couldn't ask the guy.

Bit of a mystery but as long as it's sorted, I'm happy. It's been OK since, touch wood.

They charged me £152 plus a tenner for the use of a Mini Countryman for the day.

Thanks again to all who responded.
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - -
Thats an interesting turn up, many thanks for that.

I hope you'll pop back and get a proper explanation of what they found and fixed?, oh and keep us up to date please...;)
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Zero
Thats sound like updated software territory to me....
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - Robin O'Reliant
>> Thats sound like updated software territory to me....
Sounds like someone gave something a clout with a hammer and got lucky to me...
 BMW 3-Series E90 - 06 3.0 DPF woes - carmalade
A forced regen of the dpf and a software update is all you are going to get for your £152.I doubt if they opened the bonnet.
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