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 Citroen Saxo - 00 1.5 Leaking Roof - Robin O'Reliant
This problem is driving me nuts.

The other half's Saxo is leaking from somewhere on top. The water comes in after the car has been left standing in the rain, but not when driving in rain. It comes in past the interior light and the plastic trim or whatever you call it that surrounds the light and the sunroof handle.

The sunroof has been sealed shut with Tiger Seal, the radio ariel (leaks there are apparantly common) has been packed on the inside with silicone sealant, but neither has made any difference. I can't for the life of me see where else the problem could be, anyone suggest something?
 Citroen Saxo - 00 1.5 Leaking Roof - Zero
Packed sealant on the inside of the aerial? thats no good it needs to be sealed on the outside.

how well sealed is the sunroof?
 Citroen Saxo - 00 1.5 Leaking Roof - -
I think it's regular problem with these, ISTR the usual leak is between the sunroof seal and the roof itself....try gaffer taping it to prove.
 Citroen Saxo - 00 1.5 Leaking Roof - Bellboy
i would strongly suggest you undo the star screw that holds the roof aerial all together from inside the car
use proper sealant on the gasket and refix
 Citroen Saxo - 00 1.5 Leaking Roof - Robin O'Reliant
Thanks BB, will try that.
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