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 Mazda - 87 1.3 Query regarding cooling fan - Stuu
Ive noticed that once my car is up to temp, the cooling fan runs permanantly. The car never overheats nor goes about half way on the temp gauge, ive checked for oil/water mix, which is fine and the coolant is ok too and there are no oil leaks anywhere, so Im not sure that it is overheating, but maybe a sensor somewhere is a bit out of it?

Ive also noticed that if I turn the ignition key about 2mm back towards the off position when the engine is running, the cooling fan turns off, but the engine carries on running and all other functions remain as normal - any clues on that one?
 Mazda - 87 1.3 Query regarding cooling fan - Skip
On a car of this age the fan will probably be controlled by a simple themo switch screwed into the radiator, rather than it being controlled by the ECU as they are now. These switches were never the most reliable item, but at least they were cheap and easy to replace, so it may be woth trying that first. Possibly there is some wear in the contacts in the ignition switch that is causing the other problem, the two faults may well be linked of course, though i cant really see how.
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 Mazda - 87 1.3 Query regarding cooling fan - bathtub tom
When I changed the 'stat on my Kia, I forgot to re-connect the temperature gauge sender wire. That made the fan run permanently despite having a sender in the radiator.

I don't understand how it works either. I wouldn't have thought there's some sort of ecu control as I've got a carb, however I've also got a cat and lambda sensor so I suppose there must be something controlling the mixture.
 Mazda - 87 1.3 Query regarding cooling fan - Dog
From what I remember of thermo switches on cars like stews, when they failed the fan wouldn't operate at all.

Re: looseat's Pride, I would have been grey by now owing to cats & lambda sensors fitted to cars with carburettors but, hang on - I am blimmin grey!
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