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Off up to the Western Isles in three weeks with Daughter/Husband and 18mo grandson. We're both taking and travelling to the ferry in our own cars. Their Octavia and one of ours either Berlingo or my Fabia Estate. A second car seat, Joie i-spin 360, will be carried so that we can do things together or leave one car at either end of a walk etx.

The i-spin seat is an isofix mounting job but has a support leg that rests on the rear floor of the car. The Berlingo has stowage cubbies under the rear floor in front of the outer seats, the ones with the Isofix catches behind the cushions. I'm finding conflicting advice as to suitability of that set up with the support leg. Obviously the plastic covers for the cubbies are not sufficiently robust to provide proper support.

The Joie instructions have a caution about this and say 'consult Citroen'. Not tried that yet but previous experience is that Cit UK will tell me to consult a dealer.

I'll make those calls on Monday but does anyone else have any experience/advice?
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