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 BT Line Rental Saver - Ambo
I don't recall this being raised here before but BT have offered it to me for several years now. This year they offer a 12-month discounted cover for £219.14 including a £19.99 monthly discount. (My usual monthly discounted payment is about £43.)

Up to now, I have responded to telephone calls asking for the money and paid through them. This year, it is an email with a tag to go to the payment facility but in fact it just lands me in a
welter of connections, none of which mentions line rental saver. For that matter, I have never been able to get an explanation of why I can't simply authorise an increase in my direct debit to allow for it.

Before I engage in an interminable wait on the phone to get through to BT, can anyone enlighten me on this facility please?
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