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Can the forum bring it's undoubted talents to my current frustration please? Apologies, it's a bit of a long one.....

I replaced my PC just over a year ago and whilst following various guides on how to transfer my ITunes account - plus the hundreds of albums saved on it - to the other PC via an expansion hard drive, it does not appear to have gone as planned and not all the albums are there. There was about 128Gb of music / podcasts stored and all of this was on this old IPod too.

With the old PC, whenever I wanted to update it, add or update podcasts, buy new music, etc I just plugged the Ipod into the old PC and it did it's thing

For various reasons - mainly that I have everything stored on my old IPod (classic 160GB) device and have not needed to update it or add any new music to it - and I have just been too busy to be bothered with the palaver - I left well alone, but the fear is if I plug the IPod in, it will sync to the new Itunes on the new PC that has a fraction of the music stored and the rest will be lost, so I have just done nothing

I can't bear dealing with PC issues at the weekend and really don't know what I am doing half the time (I'm and analogue man in a digital world!), but then I have just taken delivery of a new car that only has USB-C slots to add a device to it and not the normal USB slots I could plug my old IPod into so I can't play anything in it.

Frustrating as I have paid for an up-rated music system too, hence a need to do something about this now....

So I can't plug my old IPod into these (there are adaptors but they wont enable you to play music through them), so I need to come at this from afresh.

Option 1, Fire up the old PC and check ITunes is still there and functioning and buy a new / newer IPod that I can transfer music onto that has a USB-C connector - assuming that there is one - and continue to buy new music (Half Man Half Biscuit have a new album pending - can't miss that! :)) and just use the old PC for ITunes (not ideal at all)

Option 2, Try to transfer all my music from the Ipod to a new Itunes account on my new PC (technically possible it seems, but not really what should be done, and anyway the new PC is proving to be problematically slow after a day or two for no apparent reason, so this could take days), but I also risk losing lots of albums if the transfer does not go as planned...

Option 3, Try to transfer Itunes from the old PC to the new one all over again, or better still try to get my daughter / her boyfriend to do it. Whilst tech savvy though this would be probably old-tech to them so a risk involved. Also I followed everything to the letter first time round so not sure what would change now.

Option 4, Abandon all hope, and sign up to a music streaming site, but can I then have access to all of my old music in a format that is as easy to access as an IPod, and would it have some of the more obscure bands / solo artists I have saved over the years? The aforementioned Half Man, etc for example - of which I have a surprising number of their quite brilliant albums, plus other weird and wonderful stuff I have saved over the years as I sought to get replacements to all my old cassettes and CD's from the 80's onwards

Is there an Option 5 or another way I should be coming at this that the forum could suggest?

I suspect there is a much easier solution that will be obvious to those on here and I would be very grateful for any constructive (or amusing) feedback!

Thanks all!
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