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A bit late posting this but its a bit quiet. I thought we'd had a thread about milk spillage but cant find it to tag my experience on so I'll start a new one.

Back around Storm Alwyn in November we had a week in a lodge (static caravan) in West Witton near Leyburn in N. Yorks. All self catering. On departure date we loaded up the car with all remaining provisions and headed home. On arrival Mrs FC announces that a 2 Ltr milk bottle which she 'secured' behind the passenger seat had spilled about a 1 Ltr of its contents on the rear carpet during the journey and now there was a pool of said milk spreading in all directions. Now it was clearly my fault for not fully securing the screw cap after my breakfast and not hers for not checking tightness when she laid it down, of course.

It was banging it down with rain but Plan A had to be put into operation immediately, if not sooner. My initial idea, which probably turned out to not be the brightest , was to flood the rear nearside footwell several times and use the wet/dry vac to lift the water out. It made a reasonable fist of extracting most of the moisture but November is hardly the best time to be drying damp upholstery.

Move on a few days and there became the slowly emerging stench of spilled milk. Further investigation revealed that the milk residue had spread further than I thought and the only way of trying to resolve was to remove the carpet completely for a clean up. Youtube provided the information as to how the centre console was fixed and the front seats were disconnected and removed. Various bit of plastic unclipped and the carpet removed in one piece. The car was now unusable but we could get around that.

It then became apparent that each footwell had a large piece of foam underneath about 40mm thick. Massive sponges. So first line of attack was to soak in diluted Milton fluid, pressure wash, squeeze out as much residual water and dry by hanging over the banister rail on the upstairs landing. Took a few days but there was still the faint smell of off milk.

Research suggested the use of an enzyme product so this was sourced and the whole thing soaked and dried twice in the fluid which had a lemony smell. The bare floor was also sprayed in the stuff including the inside of seat mount box sections followed by the wet/dry vac and then the Bruhl motorcycle air dryer.

Perhaps 3 weeks in total. The carpet was replaced and a lemony smell lingered. However that has gone and there doesn't seem to be the slightest whiff of stale milk. Result!! But what a carry on. Hopefully it will stay that way when the weather gets hotter. So careful with the milk guys.

Happy New Year.

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