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 Car4Play - No FM2R
I'm in Vienna using WiFi and mobile data, nothing special about either of them and they both work flawlessly with everything else I do. I am using my laptop and my telephone pretty much equally, both use WiFi and mobile data.

Repeatedly Car4Play is unreachable and I have to try several times before it will connect. It can happen at any time without logic, and is happening half a dozen times a day at least.

I did not have this problem last eek in Madrid, and I have not had this problem in Chile.

Any ideas? Not a catastrophe since it always eventually connects, but kind of a pain especially if one has written a long post.
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 Car4Play new No FM2R 11 Sep 21 14:17
 Car4Play new Zero 11 Sep 21 17:19
 Car4Play new No FM2R 11 Sep 21 17:40
 Car4Play new Zero 11 Sep 21 17:45
 Car4Play new No FM2R 11 Sep 21 18:38
 Car4Play new Kevin 11 Sep 21 19:21
 Car4Play new MD 12 Sep 21 19:59
 Car4Play new No FM2R 12 Sep 21 20:55
 Car4Play new tyrednemotional 12 Sep 21 21:48
 Car4Play new zippy 1 Oct 21 11:30
 Car4Play new smokie 1 Oct 21 16:47
 Car4Play new zippy 1 Oct 21 23:42
 Car4Play new tyrednemotional 2 Oct 21 07:34
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