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 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - geoff1248
Thinking of buying a Civiv diesel 1.6. 2 years old with under 24k if I can find one. The problem I have is that my mileage will be dropping to around 7.5k a year. I have driven a Civic diesel so am well aware of the performance and handling.
General advice seems to be that for low annual mileage diesels are a no no. However, I have read that low mileage is not a problem with the Civic as their regeneration system is different to most other diesels. True or false?
 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - RichardW
It's not low miles per se - it's rather that low mileage users tend to do most of the miles around town. If your useage pattern means it gets a good run on decent roads once a month it will probably be OK. Not having a diesel for low miles is more about the fact that they are more expensive to buy, so in p per mile they look more expensive - analysis usually ignores that they are worth more come trade in time. Might need to factor in Adblue as well. Do the sums and decide what you want!
 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - Bobby
I have this car - according to the forums the DPF which is the issue in diesel cars, is situated specifically at the hottest part so that it gets hotter, quicker.
Am not aware of anyone having a DPF issue in the forum.

Great car.
 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - Bigtee
Do an average of 8.5k In my diesel with a mix of driving.

Having a heavy right foot on the motorway helps to keep the soot to a minimum.

Do give it a blast or otherwise find a petrol.
 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - VxFan
Knowing when it's doing a regeneration is the key point. If you don't let it complete the cycle on a few occasions, you'll need to take it to a garage for them to do a forced regen, and that's when it starts becoming expensive.
 Honda Civic UK - 15 1.6 Civic Diesel - madf
friend has a 1.6 diesel CRV thingie. 57mpg around town. Now nearly 2 years old, yet to see a motorway and 12,000 softly driven miles with no issues. Elderly lady driver has no idea of a DPF..
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