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 Cars for fun - Bobby
An ex business associate is wealthy and is a total petrol head.

Has 3 private regs which I happen to have kept a note of in my Vehicle Smart app.

Usually has one as a family SUV, one a “sports car” And one a “toy”.

The toy has varied from Lotus Cortina’s, XR2s, and so on.

Just checked his latest fleet

BMW X3 M Competition
Ferrari Portofino and a
2018 BMW 7 series. With a 6.6 litre petrol engine!!! Didn’t know they made such a thing. A quick look on Auto Trader suggests it will be an M760Li

Bet that is fun to drive!
 Cars for fun - Zero
>> Bet that is fun to drive!

As its a softly sprung huge barge weighing over 2 1/4 tons, only in a straight line.
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